Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators

Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators Available In Many Designs

Silver Sonic® Turbines

  • SST Two bolt mount comes with mount bolts, washers, and muffler.


  • TV-X Models -2 bolt mount fits in bracket for easy movability.
  • TCL Models - cradle lug mount fits standard universal bracket.

Findeva Turbines

  • GT - Golden Turbines
  • GTRF - Stainless Steel Models

About Turbine Vibrators

Turbine vibrators use compressed air to turn an unbalanced turbine wheel producing rotary vibration. The more unbalanced the wheel and the faster it turns, the greater the centrifugal force produced. Turbine Vibrators are quieter than other pneumatic industrial vibrators due to their turbine wheel design. Global's Turbine Vibrators are extremely efficient; develop very high frequency vibration and high centrifugal force output.


  • dry sand
  • wet concrete consolidation
  • fine clay
  • dust
  • powder
  • flour
  • cement
  • wet sand
  • coal by-products
  • sugar
  • spices
  • fine chemicals

The Silver Sonic Turbine® Vibrators (SST) are highly efficient and can operate on just 5-10 psi (.34 - .69 bar). This makes SST vibrators a very practical solution where air resources are limited.

Global's Turboviber® TV-7X Turbine Vibrator is often used in concrete consolidation and in the #1 choice of Contractors for the construction of underground tunnels. This vibrator is also excellent in restoring material flow to wet fine heavy material, such as solar salt. The high frequency excites the fine particles and the high force moves the large mass.

Findeva's GTRF Stainless Steel Turbine Vibrators are a great choice for food processing, pharmaceutical, and other "clean environment" applications because there is no paint to chip or peel and no oily mist produced, since they require no lubrication.

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