Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

Piston Vibrators Available in Three Designs

There are many sizes and profiles to suit your application. Please see:

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About Piston Vibrators

Piston vibrators use the impact of a rapidly moving piston to produce a linear shock wave of energy. This shock wave is transmitted through the bin or hopper wall forcing the stuck material away from the wall, thus restoring material flow. Proper vibration eliminates the need to hit the hopper wall with a mallet. This saves time and labor and extends the life of your hopper. Please see:


Pneumatic Piston Vibrators are used on bins, hoppers, railcars, foundry match plates, feeders, and concrete screeds. They are used for material handling problems that do not respond well to high-frequency rotary vibration. They can be effective freeing materials that tend to cling, clump, or stick, such as damp or oily solids. Piston vibrators are also used where the air supply is limited, because they consume much less air than most pneumatic rotary vibrators. And, the linear force of a piston vibrator produces the back-and-forth motion needed for feeders and shaker screens.