Pneumatic Roller Vibrators

Air Roller Vibrators Available in Two Designs

Global Dual Roller High Frequency Vibrators

  • GCD - Four bolt mount for permanent application.
  • GCL - Cradle lug housing fits universal standard bracket.

Findeva Roller Vibrators

  • DAR-Series
  • R-Series

About Roller Vibrators

Roller vibrators use compressed air to push a roller around a raceway to produce rotary vibration. There are single and dual roller designs. A dual-roller design uses two concentric rollers. Due to the size and weight of the rollers, these vibrators produce much more force than ball vibrators. The heavier the roller and the faster it moves the greater the centrifugal force produced.


High frequency dual roller vibrators operate at a relatively high rpm producing high frequency vibration. They also produce large amounts of force. This makes them well suited for compacting or unloading large quantities of fine materials, such as:

  • dry sand
  • sand
  • sugar
  • spices
  • fine chemicals
  • truck beds
  • concrete consolidation
  • cement
  • dust
  • powder
  • flour
  • batch hoppers
  • storage bins
  • wet, fine particulate, such as solar salt

Excellent for Concrete Consolidation and Heavy Wet Particulate

With Solar Salt, the high frequency excites the fine particles and the force moves the large mass. These same properties make them highly useful for consolidating concrete. It takes this unique combination of frequency and force to remove air bubbles, disperse the large aggregates, and ensure the cement fines are evenly distributed to coat the aggregates. Proper use of vibration means less water is needed, which produces stronger concrete. Air bubble removal and even cement-aggregate distribution produces a smoother finish. High frequency dual roller vibrators make pouring concrete quicker and easier without harming the forms. They are commonly found on battery molds, compaction tables, tilt tables, and a large variety of forms and molds for girders, tees, columns, culverts, vaults, containers, septic tanks, concrete pipe, and more.

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