Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

Pneumatic Ball Vibrators Available in Two Designs

We have two brands of Pneumatic Ball Vibrators: Global Ball Vibrators and Findeva Ball Vibrator. Global Ball Vibrators are manufactured in Arkansas, by Global Manufacturing, Inc. The Findeva Ball Vibrators are manufactured in Switzerland, for Global Manufacturing, Inc., by Findeva AG. There are 15 Global models in 3 different housing profiles and 8 Findeva models.

There are many sizes and profiles to suit your application

Global Ball Vibrators

  • BS Models
  • CS Models
  • DS Models
  • US Models

Findeva Ball Vibrators

  • K Series

About Ball Vibrators

Ball Vibrators have no motors or bearings and operate by air. The compressed air supply connects directly to the vibrator. The air moves a ‘bearing grade’ steel ball around hardened raceway rings, inside a housing, which creates the vibration. The speed of the rotation, the radius of rotation, and the mass (size) of the ball all work together to determine the force pound output. The heavier the ball and the faster it moves, the greater the centrifugal force produced. Pneumatic Ball Vibrators are non-impacting.


Because Ball Vibrators operate at high vibrational frequencies, they are well suited for applications that handle fine material, such as:

  • dry sand
  • sand
  • sugar
  • spices
  • fine chemicals
  • cement
  • dust
  • powder
  • flour

They are perfect on chutes to keep cement flowing into a truck at a cement loading terminal.

Get creative! We installed a ball vibrator on a loop in a bottling plant's conveyor system where the bottles always got stuck. The ball vibrator provided enough friction reduction between the bottle and the conveying component to keep the bottles freely flowing. This inexpensive ball vibrator solution solved the bottle stoppage problem.

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