Hydraulic Design Series Vibrators

About Global’s Hydraulic Motor-Driven Vibrators

Our Hydraulic Design Series rotary industrial vibrators use an external hydraulic motor to drive the shaft mounted eccentric weights (the “unbalance”) to produce vibration. Because of their separate motor these vibrators can produce substantial force with moderate frequency. Hydraulic motor driven vibrators are larger and produce significantly more force than some of our other vibrator models. The largest Hydraulic Design Series Vibrator is capable of handling a load up to 355,000 pounds (161,000 kg) at a flow of 15.1 gpm (57 lpm). Use multiple vibrators on a single hopper based on the dimensions of the hopper and material weight. For more information please see:

C2 2 bolt permanent type mounting


C3 2 bolt permanent type mounting


D4.5: 4 bolt permanent type mounting


CC4.5 Clamp-on portable type mounting


D7 6 bolt permanent type mounting


CC7 Clamp-on portable type mounting


Design Series Hydraulic Motor Driven Vibrators available in many sizes and designs

  • C2: 2 bolt permanent type mounting
    • C2-0.5-2HM
    • C2-1.0-2HM
    • C2-1.4-2HM
  • C3: 2 bolt permanent type mounting
    • C3-1.5-2HC or C3-1.5-5HC
    • C3-2.0-2HC or C3-2.0-5HC
    • C3-2.5-2HC or C3-2.5-5HC
    • C3-3.0-2HC or C3-3.0-5HC
    • C3-4.0-2HC or C3-4.0-5HC
    • C3-5.0-2HC or C3-5.0-5HC
    • C3-6.0-2HC or C3-6.0-5HC
  • D4.5: 4 bolt permanent type mounting
    • D4.5-06-5HC
    • D4.5-08-5HC
    • D4.5-10-5HC
    • D4.5-10A-5HC - "10A" = adjustable weights for 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10lbs of eccentric weight
  • CC4.5: Clamp-on portable type mounting
    • CC4.5-06-5HC
    • CC4.5-08-5HC
    • CC4.5-10-5HC
    • CC4.5-10A-5HC - "10A" = adjustable weights for 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10lbs of eccentric weight
  • D7: 6 bolt permanent type mounting
    • D7-12-8HC
    • D7-18-8HC
    • D7-25-8HC
    • D7-50-8HC
  • CC7: Clamp-on portable type mounting
    • CC7-12-8HC
    • CC7-18-8HC
    • CC7-25-8HC
    • CC7-50-8HC

Advantages of Hydraulic Motor Driven Rotary Vibrators

  • Rugged Construction - Ductile iron housings and lightweight hardened aluminum covers.
  • Vibrator Component Alignment - All manufactured equipment contain slight alignment variations due to manufacturing tolerances. Global’s Design Series vibrators have an unique drive coupling design, to compensate for typical alignment variations that exist when two shafts are connected (motor shaft and vibrator shaft). The coupling keeps the vibrational stress off the motor shaft seal. This prevents the motor from leaking because if the motor shaft is allowed to vibrate it would slowly destroy the seal making it ineffective. Some competitive vibrators use the conventional ‘shaft-in-a-shaft’ design; the drive motor shaft slips into the vibrator shaft. This design works only if both shafts remain in perfect alignment regardless of operating conditions. This arrangement often causes motor shaft flexing and fretting within the vibrator shaft, which leads to premature motor failure and a worn out vibrator shaft.
  • Drive Coupling Assembly - The drive coupling allows the motor shaft and vibrator shaft to operate as an "assembly", preventing fretting and stress from misalignment or expansion. Any misalignment or expansion wear takes place in the inexpensive and easily replaced coupling rather than in the motor or vibrator shaft. This superior design protects the motor shaft, vibrator shaft, bearings and seals from the vibration of the unbalanced weights. The result is better performance, no leaks, longer service, and reduced operating costs.
  • Bearings - All bearings are sealed to keep grease in and contaminants out. Our unique oil lubrication system in the D7 and CC7 models helps extend the life of the bearing. The coupling design isolates the unbalanced load from the motor, so the motor bearings see only a balanced load, extending bearing life. Grease lubrication is also available.
  • Hydraulic Motor Shaft Seal is isolated from the unbalanced load by the unique coupling design, extending the life of the seal and preventing hydraulic leaks.
  • High Efficiency - Durable, Bi-rotational Hydraulic Motor.
  • Hydraulic Motor Repair Kits available to return motor to like-new condition.
  • Easy Repair and Maintenance - designed for easy change-out of bearings, motors, couplings, and other components to refurbish Design Series vibrators to like new condition. Bearings, o-rings, retaining rings, etc. are standard, commonly available parts.
  • High Amplitude, Moderate Frequency vibration.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting flow of the hydraulic oil.
  • Available in Permanent Mount and Portable Clamp-on Mount. Clamp-on vibrators use square head set screws with concave cup points for positive self-locking and vibration resistance.
  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.



  • Manual Valves - 2-way manual ball valve used to turn the vibrator on and off for normal operation. Solenoids - For remote or automated control, use 2-way normally closed solenoid valve to turn the vibrator on and off for normal operation.
  • Brackets for C3 models
    • C3/CC Bracket - Clamp-Type Base for clamping on an angle iron or such for temporary mount.
    • C3/GBM Bracket - Provides a universal wedge mount base, which fits into railcar hopper pockets.
  • Sirometer - Convenient, compact rpm meter for measuring vibrator speed.
  • Hydraulic Motor Repair Kits:
  • Kit #1 includes
    • ball bearing, needle bearings, seal, and gaskets.
  • Kit #2 includes
    • ball, crescent ring, keys, drive pin, plug, torx screws, retaining rings, spring, idler shaft, and spacer.

Selection of Hydraulic Vibrators

For more details on selecting vibrators, please see: