Viber® Never Oil Heads

VIBER® Internal Concrete Vibrators use a vibrating head to transmit the rotary power of the power unit to the freshly poured concrete. Each VIBER® Head uses an eccentric weight that extends the entire length of the head to produce the vibrational energy. The speed (rpm) and force output generated by the Viber Heads is ideal for concrete consolidation. Please see performance data for speed and force.

Advantages of the Viber Heads:

  • VIBER® Heads are designed to require less torque, so they can produce the greatest amplitude and largest radius-of-action possible with the least energy input.
  • Bearings are permanently lubricated for the life of the head. Special grade lubricant minimizes resistance and heat production giving longer life.
  • The tip of the head is fabricated from alloy steel giving it great abrasion and impact resistance for extended life.
  • Compact length makes for easier handling in restricted areas.

Vibrating Heads:

  • Heads are available in two styles:
    • Steel tips available in all Head sizes.
    • Rubber tips available in all Head sizes except the ⅞" diameter. Rubber tip heads are better at preventing damage to forms.
  • Seven available diameters
    • ⅞” (22.2 mm)
    • 1” (25.4 mm)
    • 1¼” (31.75 mm)
    • 1½” (38.1 mm)
    • 1¾” (44.45 mm)
    • 2⅛” (53.98 mm)
    • 2½” (63.5 mm)
  • Special Purpose Heads
    • 2⅛” Short Head (“Shallow Pour” - model #VH34-SP) only 5⅞” (148.34 mm) in length. Great for slabs, decks, floors, and pre-cast panels.
    • ⅞” Low Force Head - (model #VH14-LF) for ICF Applications, for very thin members and walls, confined places where insulated concrete forms are used. Force output is only 92 force pounds.
    • Viber Head Operating Manual