Pneumatic Vibrators

Air Vibrators Available in Many Designs

There are many different types and sizes of Rotary and Piston air vibrators. Global Manufacturing’s Customer Service team can assist you in the selection of the best type and size of industrial pneumatic vibrator for your particular application. Usually the smaller the structure, with a bulk flow problem, the smaller the air vibrator you need. Also, industrial vibrators work in harmony. If the application calls for 1000 force pounds to solve the flow problem, two vibrators generating 500 force pounds each will work.

For more information please see: How to Select and Size an Industrial Vibrator

Pneumatic Rotary Vibrators:

Linear Vibrators:

About Rotary Vibrators

Rotary air vibrators produce a sinusoidal wave of energy that is used to restore flow to bulk materials. Compressed air turns an 'unbalance' weight, ball, roller, or turbine wheel to produce this sinusoidal wave of energy, which produces the vibration. The larger the "unbalance" and the faster it turns the greater the centrifugal force produced. When properly mounted the vibration is transferred through the hopper wall to the material inside, without flexing the structure. Also, proper mounting disperses the rotary vibration over a large area producing uniform material flow. As the material vibrates it is displaced from the hopper wall. The sinusoidal wave reduces the friction between the wall and the bulk material allowing gravity to restore material flow. Rotary vibrators are non-impacting. Since rotary vibration is directional, material will be encouraged to flow in the direction of the rotating 'unbalance'.

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About Piston Vibrators

Piston air vibrators, also called linear vibrators, produce shock waves of energy much like an automatic sledgehammer. Piston vibrators use the impact action produced by the oscillating piston to flex the bin wall. This flexing action loosens material stuck to the wall, thus restoring material flow.

For more information on rotary and piston industrial vibrators please see: How to Solve Flow Problems.

Advantages of Pneumatic Vibrators

  • Most factories have available air to use
  • Easy to install - no electrician needed
  • Usually hassle free - very forgiving of a poor mount