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GLOBAL Yellow Jacket®
Pneumatic YJ Series

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Yellow Jacket Piston Vibrators
Yellow Jacket Series
Piston vibrators use the impact action produced by the oscillating piston to flex the bin wall. This flexing action loosens material stuck to the wall, thus restoring material flow. In general, there are two styles of pneumatic piston vibrators: Impacting and Air-Cushioned (or non-impacting).

Impacting models allow the internal piston to strike the base of the vibrator, producing the greatest amount of force and frequency. Air-Cushioned models use a cushion of air to dampen the piston movement, so the piston reverses direction before impacting the vibrator base. Therefore, Air-Cushioned models are more quiet but also produce less force and frequency than the Impacting models.


  • Used on bins, hoppers, railcars, foundry match plates, feeders, and concrete screeds.
  • Pneumatic piston vibrators are used for material handling problems that do not respond well to high-frequency rotary vibration. They can be effective where other devices fail, freeing materials that tend to cling, clump, or stick, such as damp or oily solids.
  • Piston vibrators are also used where the air supply is limited, because they consume much less air than most pneumatic rotary vibrators.
  • The linear force of a piston vibrator can produce the back-and-forth motion needed for feeders and shaker screens.


  • Maximum Force - Impact (IM) model produces vibration of maximum force & frequency.
  • Quiet Model Available - Air-Cushioned (AC) model produces less noise than Impact models.
  • Energy Efficient - Most efficient piston vibrators available today. Require less than 10 CFM even for largest models.
  • More Force - Longer piston stroke provides more energy to move material than competitively sized vibrators. Impact (IM) models produce 100-200% more force per CFM of air than the competition. Air-Cushioned (AC) models produce 7-60% more force per CFM.
  • Lightweight - 50-70% lighter than competitively sized piston vibrators.
  • Durable - Specially designed all steel alloy housing tougher than cast iron. Operates at air pressures up to 100 PSI. Most competitive piston vibrators cannot exceed 60-80 PSI.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting air supply.
  • Easy to Mount - Single mounting bolt. Mount kits available. Easy to interchange with other brands. Safety cable ready.
  • Shielded Exhaust Ports - Special high grade, oil resistant Mil Spec neoprene shields keep out contaminants. Optional heavy-duty Tuff Bands are available for extremely dirty environments or portable use. Tuff Bands also redirect air exhaust to cool vibrator.
  • Trouble-free Operation - No required maintenance if using filtered, lubricated air. Spring ensures reliable start-ups in all mount orientations. Engineered to protect spring from impact, giving longer life.
  • Wear Resistant Piston - Special design to withstand harsh conditions and prevent seizing of piston when limited lubrication is used. Standard on all 3"models and all Railcar models.
  • Five Year Warranty


  • Available in either Impact (IM) or Air-Cushioned (AC) models.
  • Wear Resistant models (YJW) - Special proprietary synergistic coating extends piston life under harsh conditions and prevents seizing of piston if limited lubrication used.
  • Railcar models (YJR) - Include wedge mount to fit standard railcar pockets, Wear Resistant piston, & Tuff Band Exhaust Port Shields. Easy to handle. 35-50% lighter than traditional railcar vibrators which weigh 70+lbs. Faster 2" Impact (IM) model weighs just 22 lbs and the 3"Air-Cushioned (AC) model weighs only 36 lbs.
  • Matchplate models (YJM) - Impact type with universal base mount used on foundry matchplates. Internal spring allows any mount orientation.
  • Screed models (YJS) - Impact type used on screeds.

Operating Requirements:

  • Filtered, lubricated air.
  • 25-80 PSI depending on model. 1-9 CFM.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature = 250F (120C).

Vibrator Selection:

  • Since piston vibrators create material flow by flexing the bin wall, selection of the proper vibrator is based on the bin wall thickness. The thicker the wall the bigger the vibrator needed.
  • If selecting a more quiet Air-Cushioned model you generally use one size larger than an Impacting model sized for the same application. Refer to the chart below.
Yellow Jacket® Selection Guide
1/16 - 1/81.6 - 3.2 YJ-1.00-ACYJ-1.00-IM
3/16 - 1/44.7 - 6.3   YJ-1.50-ACYJ-1.50-IM
1/4 - 3/86.3 - 9.5     YJ-3.00-AC


  • Manual Valves - 2-way manual ball valve used to turn the vibrator on and off for normal operation. 3-way manual ball valve used to turn the vibrator on and off when rapid on/off/on operation is required.
  • Solenoids - For remote or automated control, use 2-way normally closed solenoid valve to turn the vibrator on and off for normal operation or 3-way normally closed solenoid valve when rapid on/off/on operation is required.
  • Airline Kits - Required for trouble-free operation and long life of piston vibrators. Includes airline filter, lubricator, and pressure regulator with gauge.
  • Installation Kits (PMK) - Simplify mounting of Yellow Jacket® Piston Vibrators by providing proper size channel iron and all necessary hardware. Includes mount channel with attached mount nut, hose barb, hose clamp, safety cable, & anchor ring.
  • Exhaust Port Shields (EPS) - An exclusive feature of Yellow Jacket® Piston Vibrators. These special protective shields keep contaminants from entering the piston chamber and shortening vibrator life. Made of MIL Spec neoprene for long life. Replacements available.
  • Tuff Band Exhaust Port Shields (TB) - These more rugged exhaust port shields keep out contaminants and can handle harsh environments or rough handling. Engineered to cool unit, extending vibrator life on continuous use applications. These are standard on all Railcar models (YJR).
  • GBF Bracket - Female pocket bracket that accepts universal wedge-shaped male bracket found on portable vibrators such as Yellow Jacket® Railcar (YJR) Piston Vibrators.
  • Sirometer - Convenient, compact RPM meter for measuring vibrator speed.
Yellow Jacket® Accessories
Yellow Jacket® Piston Vibrator Model Mount Kit Exhaust Port Shields Tuff Band Exhaust Port Shields
YJ-1.00-IM PMK-1.00 EPS-1.00 N/A
YJ-1.25-IM PMK-1.25 EPS-1.25 N/A
YJ-1.50-IM PMK-1.50 EPS-1.50 N/A
YJ-2.00-IM PMK-2.00 EPS-2.00 TB-2.00
YJ-1-00-AC PMK-1.00 EPS-1.00 N/A
YJ-1.25-AC PMK-1.25 EPS-1.25 N/A
YJ-1.50-AC PMK-1.50 EPS-1.50 N/A
YJ-2.00-AC PMK-2.00 EPS-2.00 TB-2.00
YJW-2.00-IM PMK-2.00 EPS-2.00 TB-2.00
YJW-3.00-IM PMK-3.00 EPS-3.00 TB-3.00
YJW-2.00-AC PMK-2.00 EPS-2.00 TB-2.00
YJW-3.00-AC PMK-3.00 EPS-3.00 TB-3.00
YJR-2.00-IM GBF Bracket N/A TB-2.00
YJR-3.00-AC GBF Bracket N/A TB-2.00
YJM-1.00-IM N/A EPS-1.00 N/A
YJM-1.25-IM N/A EPS-1.25 N/A
YJS-1.00-IM N/A EPS-1.00 N/A

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