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Piston vibrators use the impact action produced by a moving piston to flex the bin wall. This flexing action loosens material stuck to the wall, allowing gravity to restore material flow. The linear force that is produced works well for material feeding and screening applications.

Findeva Piston Vibrators
Findeva FP Series Vibrators

Findeva piston vibrators are Air-Cushioned piston vibrators. They use a cushion of air to dampen the piston movement, so the piston reverses direction before impacting the vibrator base. Therefore, Findeva piston vibrators are more quiet than the Impacting piston vibrators (piston actually impacts the base of the vibrator).


  • Produce linear force and are used mainly for material feeding and screening applications.
  • Commonly used on chutes, channels or tubes, and spiral chute feed hoppers for conveying fine materials such as chemical powders, flour, sugar, etc.
  • Also used on screens for sorting fine materials.
  • Piston vibrators are also used where the air supply is limited, because they consume much less air than most pneumatic rotary vibrators.
Findeva Piston Vibrators
Findeva FPLF Lubrication Free Vibrators


  • Swiss engineered and manufactured for Global Manufacturing by Findeva AG.
  • Clean Operation - FPLF models produce no oily mist because no lubrication is required. Special piston treatment is self-lubricating.
  • Highly Efficient - Use less than 6 CFM, even for largest models.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting air supply.
  • Small, Lightweight - Hard anodized aluminum alloy body.
  • Quiet Operation - 55-75 dBA. Much more quiet than other pneumatic vibrators.
  • Trouble-Free Operation - No required maintenance if using filtered air (lubricated air for FP Series). Spring ensures reliable start-up in all mount orientations.
  • Easy to Mount - Threaded base for mounting.
  • Long Life - Anodized aluminum body and leaded bronze piston provide corrosion resistance and minimize piston and cylinder wear for extended life.
  • Two-Year Warranty

Operating Requirements:

  • Filtered, lubricated air for FP-Series. No lubrication required for FPLF-Series.
  • 30-90 PSI depending on model. Less than 5 CFM.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature = 220F (100C).

Vibrator Selection:

  • Selection based on the combined weight of the chute or moving part of screen and the material inside.
  • Select the FP or FPLF-Series piston vibrator by referring to the table below:
COMBINED WEIGHT of CHUTE or SCREEN and MATERIAL inside FP-Series Piston Vibrators by Findeva FPLF-series Piston Vibrators by Findeva
0 - 10 0 - 5 FP-12 FPLF-12-M
10 - 35 5 - 15 FP-18 FPLF-18-M
35 - 90 15 - 40 FP-25 FPLF-25-M
90 - 165 40 - 75 FP-35 FPLF-35-M
165 - 265 75 - 120 2 x FP-35 2 x FPLF-35-M

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