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Pneumatic C3, CC4.5, CC7,
D4.5 and D7 Series

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Global Design Series Vibrators Pneumatic
Global Motor-Driven Design Series Vibrators Pneumatic

Pneumatic Design Series Vibrators use an external air motor to drive shaft mounted eccentric weights to produce rotary vibration. Because of their separate motor these vibrators can produce substantial force with moderate frequency.

When harnessed by proper mounting of the Design Series vibrator, this rotary vibration is transferred through the hopper or bin wall to the material within. As the material vibrates, its displacement from the hopper wall reduces friction with the wall and allows gravity to restore material flow. Proper mounting also disperses the rotary vibration over a large area producing uniform material flow. Since rotary vibration is directional, material will be encouraged to flow in the direction of the rotating weight.


  • Motor driven vibrators are more efficient and effective at producing large amounts of force than other types of pneumatic vibrators. They are highly effective at moving large quantities of almost any type of bulk solid from fine, light weight materials to large masses of "stuck" solids, including sand, flour, chemicals, sugar, cement, powders, spices, clay, lignite, coal dust, and many others. It is easy to control the force and frequency by adjusting the air supply.
  • When the frequency of the vibration matches the natural frequency of the material, enhanced flow can be achieved with a minimum of force.
  • It is easy to tune a pneumatic Design Series vibrator to the material being handled. Simply increase the speed by gradually adjusting the air flow to the vibrator until material flow is achieved. This way you obtain the maximum result with the minimum of air consumption and vibrator wear. Once the material moves freely, the vibrator can be turned off until it is needed again.


  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.
  • High Amplitude, Moderate Frequency vibration.
  • High Efficiency, Durable, Bi-rotational Pneumatic Motor - Instantly reversible, can be stalled or overloaded without damage, self sealing vanes automatically adjust for their own wear ensuring constant output for thousands of hours.
  • Versatile - Easy to control force and frequency by adjusting air supply.
  • Available in Permanent Mount and Portable Clamp-on Mount. Clamp-on vibrators use square head set screws with concave cup points for positive self-locking and vibration resistance.
  • Unique drive coupling protects motor shaft, vibrator shaft, bearings and seals from stress and unbalanced load of the weights; prevents air leaks; and gives longer life. Finest design available anywhere.
  • Rugged Construction - Ductile iron housings, lightweight hardened aluminum covers, and sealed bearings to keep lubrication in and contaminants out.
  • Easy repair and maintenance - designed for easy change-out of bearings, motors, couplings, and other components to refurbish Design Series vibrators to like new condition. Bearings, o-rings, retaining rings, etc. are standard, commonly available parts. Air Motor Repair Kits available to return motor to like-new condition.
  • Five-Year Warranty.


  • Adjustable weights available on C3, D4.5, & CC4.5 models.
  • Roller bearings available on D4.5 & CC4.5 models to give speeds up to 7,500 RPM with intermittent use. Roller bearings give 5 times greater life than standard bearings. Roller bearing models have special oil lubrication system and vented covers to minimize heat build-up and transfer heat away from the bearings.

Operating Requirements:

  • Filtered and lubricated air.
  • 8-80 PSI depending on size. 30-114 CFM.
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature = 250F (120C).

Vibrator Selection:

  • Selection based on the weight of the material in the sloped portion of the container.
  • In general, select the pneumatic Design Series vibrator capable of producing a force equal to one-tenth the weight of the material when the vibrator is operating at medium pressure (40-60 psi / 2.8-4.1 bar).
Global Pneumatic Design Series Vibrators Selection Guide
7,000 9,000 3,175 4,082 C3-1.5-4AC
9,000 12,500 4,082 5,670 C3-2.0-4AC
12,500 15,000 5,670 6,084 C3-2.5-4AC
15,000 17,500 6,804 7,938 C3-3.0-4AC
17,500 20,000 7,938 9,072 C3-4.0-4AC
20,000 25,000 9,072 11,340 C3-5.0-4AC
25,000 30,000 11,340 13,608 C3-6-4AC, D4.5-6-4AC
30,000 35,000 13,608 15,876 D4.5-8-4AC
35,000 40,000 15,876 18,144 D4.5-10-4AC
40,000 50,000 18,144 22,680 D7-12-6AC
50,000 60,000 22,680 27,216 D7-18-6AC
60,000 75,000 27,216 34,049 D7-25-6AC
75,000 100,000 34,019 45,359 D7-50-6AC


  • Manual Valves - 2-way manual ball valve used to turn the vibrator on and off for normal operation.
  • Solenoids - For remote or automated control, use 2-way normally closed solenoid valve to turn the vibrator on and off for normal operation.
  • Airline Kits - Required for trouble-free operation and long life of pneumatic Design Series vibrators. Includes airline filter, lubricator, and pressure regulator with gauge.
  • Mufflers - Reduce noise and prevent contamination from entering exhaust port.
  • Brackets for C3 models provide wedge mount for railcar pockets.
  • Air Motor Repair Kits - Include gaskets, vanes, bearings, springs, and push rods.
  • Sirometer - Convenient, compact RPM Meter for measuring vibrator speed.
Global Pneumatic Design Series Vibrators Accessories
VIBRATOR MODEL C3 D4.5 or CC4.5 D7 or CC7
Air Motor 4AG 4AG 6AG
Port Size 14 NPT 14 NPT 14 NPT
Minimum Hose Size ID ID ID
Maximum Speed Continuous Use 4,000 RPM 4,000 RPM 3,000 RPM
Maximum Speed Intermittent Use 5,000 RPM 5,000 RPM 5,000 RPM
Maximum Pressure 100 PSI 100 PSI 100 PSI
  6.9 BAR 6.9 BAR 6.9 BAR
Maximum Flow 100 CFM 100 CFM 150 CFM
  47 LPS 47 LPS 70 LPS
Required Filter 64 MICRON 64 MICRON 64 MICRON
Lubrication Continuous Use 4 - 5 DROPS PER MINUTE 4 - 5 DROPS PER MINUTE 5 - 6 DROPS PER MINUTE
Lubrication Intermittent Use 8 12 DROPS PER MINUTE 8 - 12 DROPS PER MINUTE 10 12 DROPS PER MINUTE
Motor Repair Kit AMRK-4AG AMRK-4AG AMRK-6AG
Replacement Muffler MUFFLER-08 1/2" MUFFLER-08 1/2" MUFFLER-12 "
Wedge Bracket for Standard Railcar Pocket C3/GBM N/A N/A

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