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Vibermite® INTERNAL
Electric & Pneumatic Models


Vibermite Internal Concrete Vibrators
VME3000 with Drive & Head

Internal concrete vibrators use an external electric or pneumatic motor to drive shaft mounted eccentric weights to produce rotary vibration. The eccentric weights are contained in a housing ("head") that is attached to the motor by a flexible drive that can be up to 25-30 feet long. The head is extended down into poured concrete to remove air bubbles, disperse the large aggregates, and ensure the cement fines are evenly distributed to coat the aggregates. Proper use of vibration means less water is needed, which produces stronger concrete. Air bubble removal and even cement-aggregate distribution produces concrete with a smoother finish.


  • Internal concrete vibrators make pouring concrete quicker and easier while producing a higher quality concrete.
  • They are commonly used when external rotary vibrators mounted to the forms cannot reach all areas of the concrete structure being poured.


  • Viber® internal concrete vibrators have been the contractor's choice for 75 years.
  • Rugged Design - Durable all metal components. Tubular teardrop style handle protects switch and motor. Brushes enclosed by a metal brush cover. No plastic housings or covers to break.
  • Steel Strain Relief - Cord will not pull out.
  • Ergonomically Friendly - Teardrop style easy to handle. Acts as skid. Won't hang-up on formwork
  • No Exposed Openings to Get Clogged - Exhaust ports behind front flange. Exhaust blows dirt and splash away from motor.
  • Easy Access to Brushes & Filter - Can change without removing motor housing or handle.
  • Components Completely Interchangeable - All cores, casings, heads, and shoulder straps can be used with all ViberMite® motors.
  • Molded, UL Listed Plugs - Twist lock plug standard on VME3000 & optional on VME1500 & VME2500.
  • Ninety-Day Warranty on all Motors, Cores, Casings, and Heads.


  • VME Models - 1.5, 2.5 or 3.0 hp. 115 Volt AC/DC. 230 Volt available in 2.5 hp models.
  • VMP Models - 2.0 hp pneumatic motors.
  • ViberMite® Flexible Drives - Cores & casings available in seven lengths (1', 3', 5', 7', 10', 14', & 21') for each of two diameters (7/8" & 1-1/16")
  • ViberMite® Heads - Seven available sizes (7/8", 1-1/16", 1-5/16", 1-9/16", 1-3/4", 2-1/8", & 2-1/2" diameters). Rubber or steel tips available in all sizes. 2" Rubber Head for epoxy coated rebar. 1-3/4" Short Head for slabs, decks, floors, and pre-cast panels.

Operating Requirements:

  • VME Models - 115 Volt AC/DC
  • VMP Models - Filtered, lubricated air. 100 PSI. 50 CFM.

Vibrator Selection:

  • Select head based on slump of concrete and dimensions of structure being poured. Refer to Performance Data.
  • Select drive length based on depth of concrete.
  • Select power unit based on size of head, length of drive, and power source available.


  • Ball Bearing Coupling - Used to connect more than one flexible drive together.
  • Quick Disconnect - Used to connect flexible drive to power unit. Easier to switch between different drives.
  • Shoulder Strap - Fits both VME and VMP power units.
  • Twist Lock to "U" Ground Adaptor - For VME power units.
  • Hose Whip & Oiler - For VMP power units.

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