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GLOBAL Quiet Thunder®
QT & DEG Series

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Quiet Thunder Electric Vibrators
Global Quiet Thunder Electric Vibrators

Rotary electric vibrators use an electric motor to turn shaft mounted eccentric weights to produce rotary vibration. The heavier the weights and the faster they turn, the greater the centrifugal force produced. Electric vibrators are much more quiet and efficient than pneumatic or hydraulic rotary vibrators. Global QT and DEG Series electric vibrators are available in 2 pole (3600 RPM) and 4 pole (1800 RPM) and in various voltages for single and three-phase AC current.

When harnessed by proper mounting of the electric vibrator, rotary vibration is transferred through the hopper or bin wall to the material within. As the material vibrates it is displaced from the hopper wall reducing friction and allowing gravity to restore material flow. Proper mounting also disperses the rotary vibration over a large area producing uniform material flow. Since rotary vibration is directional, material will be encouraged to flow in the direction of the rotating weights.


  • Quiet Thunder® electric rotary vibrators produce vibration of low to medium frequency and a wide range of forces up to 5,000 pounds of centrifugal force. This makes them well suited for moving a wide variety of fine to coarse mesh materials in all sizes of bins and hoppers.
  • They are especially useful where air or hydraulic power sources are not available and where quiet operation is necessary.


  • Produces Uniform, Directional Flow.
  • Quiet Operation - Only noise is the hum of the electric motor.
  • Highly Efficient - Less expensive to operate than pneumatic vibrators.
  • Adjustable Force Settings - Centrifugal force settings can be quickly and easily changed, without the need for special tools, to accommodate different loads.
  • Built in Thermal Protection - QT2-80 and QT2-160 models only. QT2-80 model is fan cooled.
  • Shock Resistant Motor Windings - Epoxy encapsulated to withstand vibration.
  • Permanently Sealed, High Capacity Bearings - Require no lubrication.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Rugged ductile iron housings on larger DEG models. Lightweight aluminum housings on smaller QT models.
  • Weather Tight Construction - Units sealed with silicone to keep out contaminants.
  • Easily Repairable - Easy disassembly. Bearings, o-rings, retaining rings are standard parts commonly available from your local bearing distributor. Rotors and stators replaceable on most models.
  • Three-Year Warranty.


  • 115 / 230 Volt Single Phase - QT2-80 and QT2-160 available in 115 volt only.
  • 230 / 460 Volt Three Phase - Except for QT2-80 and QT2-160.
  • 575 Volt Three Phase - Except for QT2-80 and QT2-160.

Operating Requirements:

  • Single Phase - 115 or 230 volts AC.
  • Three Phase - 230, 460, or 575 volts AC.
  • Electrical cord included with vibrator. 115v models have plugs.
  • Ambient Temperatures from -20F (-30C) to 130F (55C).

Vibrator Selection:

  • Selection is based on the weight of the material in the sloped portion of the container.
  • Select the Quiet Thunder® electric vibrator capable of producing a force equal to one-tenth the weight of the material when the vibrator is operating the low or medium weight setting.
Selection Guide
< 500 < 300 QT2-80
500-1,000 300-500 QT2-160, DEG-161
1,000-2,000 500-1,000 QT2-250
2,000-3,000 1,000-1,400 QT2-500, DEG-451
3,000-4,500 1,400-2,000 QT2-1000, DEG-901
4,500-6,000 2,000-2,700 QT2-1000, DEG-901
6,000-7000 2,700-3,200 QT2-1000, DEG-1301
7,000-8,000 3,200-3,600 DEG-1301
8,000-10,000 3,600-4,500 DEG-2501
10,000-15,000 4,500-6,800 DEG-2501
15,000-20,000 6,800-9,000 DEG-3501
20,000-25,000 9,000-11,300 DEG-3501
25,000-35,000 11,300-16,900 2 X DEG-2501
35,000-45,000 16,900-20,400 2 X DEG-3501
45,000-60,000 20,400-27,200 2 X DEG-3501
60,000-75,000 27,200-34,000 2 X DEG-5000
75,000-100,000 34,000-45,300 2 X DEG-5000


  • Variable Frequency Drives - Control electric vibrator speed while maintaining critical voltage to frequency ratio for longer motor life. Can convert single phase to three phase for longer, trouble free operation. Provides overload protection.
  • Sirometer - Convenient, compact RPM Meter for measuring vibrator speed.

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